Fragrance Oils Imported from Europe to bring you 100% oil based perfumes that smell like the original brand.


We know you love to smell great, but did you know that when you use alcohol-based perfumes the scent is offensive to others around you? You know the feeling of walking into a department store and having your senses assaulted by the harsh smell of dozens of perfumes. When you wear those perfumes and colognes, it’s very likely you’re causing those in your path to gag from the overwhelming odor.

While fragrance oils are (currently) less popular than spray-on perfumes, their popularity is rising quickly. Oils are more concentrated with less fillers, stick to your skin longer and don’t contain dehydrating chemicals. When you spray on an alcohol-based perfume, do you know what chemicals your skin is absorbing? Perfumes and colognes are loaded with synthetic chemicals that have been linked to cancer, reproductive toxicity and allergies. With natural oils, you know everything that your skin is absorbing is safe and suitable for most skin types.

Dry skin has a hard time holding onto scent, so when you use fragrance oils your skin not only gets moisturized but the oils assist in helping retain the scent on the skin for longer. Oil-based fragrances are commonly known as “skin scents” since as your body temperature gradually increases, the oils and scents begin to grow stronger. You and only those close to you will experience the pleasant, natural aromas, not leaving a trail of odor behind you like traditional perfumes and colognes.

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Prices: You need to choose your fragrance and size.

15ml for R40

30ml for R110 (Clear Bottle)

30ml for R120 (Blue Bottle)

50ml for R140

60ml for R150

100ml for R200

Perfumed Hand & Body Cream 50ml Tub for R80.00

Perfumed Hand & Body Cream 100ml Tub for R110.00

Perfumed Hand & Body Cream 200ml Tub R200.00

After Shave 30ml for R100.00

After Shave 60ml for R150.00

100% Oil based Perfume Roll-On 10ml for R90.00