Smiles Driving School

Learner’s license

Our aim is to provide a clear guide of the vehicle controls, rules of the road and road traffic signs that a driver is required to observe and apply in everyday driving, in addition, we also highlight the various procedures relating to learner and driving licenses. We further provide advice, defensive driving procedures, on the safe operation of a vehicle under certain road and weather conditions.

Driver’s license

You will learn everything, from being a complete novice driver learning to road navigation to vehicle inspection, parallel parking, alley docking, the 3-point turn, incline start, emergency stops, hand signals and everything else you'll need to know for the road part of the test. Observations are vital throughout the test and will also be drilled until you've mastered them all in the correct sequence and at the right times.

Motorbike license

Smiles Driving School can provide students that have been riding for some time with preparation lessons for their test. The lessons serve to sharpen basic rider skills and attention to K53 principles and requirements.

Do you still have to get your learner or drivers license?

We are situated in Pretoria, Wonderboom South. We offer our services in the Pretoria and Centurion area.

We offer very affordable packages and have a very good pass rate record.

We can assist with car (automatic or manual) and motorcycle EB learner and drivers licenses. We also do license renewals.

Visit our website for our price list and what clients have to say about us.


Whatsapp or call 082 377 9858 (Karin) or 072 677 4716 (Martin).

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