Facebook Moderator Guidelines

You have requested to become a Moderator to help your group grow. Below is just a few guidelines to help you to be a good Moderator. You are welcome to add content to the list below. Just send the Admin a private message proposing to add your content to the list. (Remember, you can help as time permits.)

Do not approve just anybody. Make sure that person qualifies to be in the group.

When approving new members:

  • All members must be South African and live in South Africa.
  • All members must have a profile picture.
  • All members must have a profile name. (Name and Surname. Note: Piet Piet is not acceptable)
  • All members must have a location view-able on their profile.
  • Private profiles are not accepted.
  • Request to be a moderator: leave for Admin.

Unacceptable: (Action - Block member - no warning)

  • Pornographic content.
  • Disrespect to other members.
  • Herbalists, Spells, Traditional healers, Witchcrafts, Mediums, Psychic readings, Tarot readings and any Mysticism.

Not Allowed: (Action - Remove Member - after warning)

  • Politics and Religion.
  • Flooding of content on group.

Moderators are allowed to:

  • Remove members without warning.
  • Remove members with no profile photo.
  • Remove members not living in South Africa.
  • Remove members who are not following group rules.
  • Remove members if he post anything that goes against Moderator's conscience.
  • Remove members who post bad things about other members or person.
  • Remove private profiles

Moderators can from time to time go to the members group list and remove all private profiles. You must check the option if that profile belongs to other groups.

We will add more guidelines over time. Remember your group is for business only. There are plenty of other groups catering for members with other needs.

(New rules added)

(Take note and apply)

Thank you for your assistance. 

Your Admin

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