Facebook Group Rules

Group is only for South Africans

Please feel free to post adverts and comments as long as it is not offensive towards other members. Stay clear from pornographic content (that is not acceptable and will not be tolerated) - keep this professional at all times and respect each other.

Please be aware that the group, nor the admin and its members, can NOT be held responsible for any loss or damaged suffered when purchasing an item or service here. Please be cautious and take the necessary steps to ensure you are dealing with a legit company or person. When purchasing an item ensure you inspect the product and that it is in working-condition before purchasing it. We are also asking members to be honest and truthful with their adverts and to not mislead other members. This group and admin members takes no responsibility for any loss and/or damage suffered.

To join the groups and be accepted and stay accepted you must:

  • have n Profile picture.
  • use your real name
  • Profile must not be private.
  • location must be available.
  • message button must be available.

All your rights are reserved
1. Weight Loss adverts are allowed. However, you agree that Administrators, Moderators and members of the groups will not be held responsible for any health issues that may occur by using these health products. Please consult your doctor for any health issues.

2. Loan advertisements are allowed. However, you agree that Administrators, Moderators and members of the groups will not be held responsible for any financial loss that you may suffer. Please ensure you deal with qualified financial institutions. Please consult your financial advisor for advise.

3. No animal sales/ Geen diere verkope.

4. No flood advertising. You do not have to post a new post every time. You can just comment on your post and that post will move to the top again. If you prefer to post a new AD every time, then please delete your old post. If you have a lot of products, please do not post one posting for each single product. Please combine all your products into one single post.

5. Any adult content are not allowed. There might unknowingly be under aged children on the groups. (Please report any obscene photos or videos.)

6. Do not post your AD on someone else’s AD. (You can only if you have permission)

7. Very important: Only complete facebook profiles will be accepted.(Your real name and location and photo). Private profiles will not be accepted. All private profiles will be removed from all groups. Your "Message button" must be visible and available at all times. 

8. Very Important: By joining this group you agree to give up all your legal rights.

9. Wendy House Ads are not allowed. Members must ask permission to post Wendy House or Log Cabin Ads.

10. The following post are not allowed: Herbalist, Psychic Mediums, Spell Casters, Witchcraft, Tarrots. You will be reported and banned.

11. Members are not allowed to post bad or negative comments about other members, companies or organisations in the groups. Guilty members will be removed and blocked.

12. Members are not allowed to post negative comments about other Members posts or comments. Should you have a problem with a comment or a post, please report it to the Admin of the group.

13. Only South Africans living in South Africa are allowed to join the groups below. The Facebook group where everybody is allowed to join is Earth - Facebook.

14. Always remember not to post the same post twice direct after the other. Admin will delete the first post and if someone commented on that post, you will lose that information. 

15. Always remember if you break the rules in one group, you get removed from all groups.

16. Report any post that you think might go against any written rule or moral standard.

17. Members are allowed to advertise their products and services. Money making schemes without a product or a service are not allowed. Pyramid schemes are not allowed. When a member advertise a product, the member must also advertise the price or contact details in order for the potential customer to inquire about the price.

17. Members who advertise Charity or None Profit Organizations (NPO) must quote their NPO number on the advert.

18. When a member come across an advertisement that goes against rules and regulations, that member must not start an argument or fight with the member who posted the advert. Members should just report that post or member to the group administration and the group administration will take the matter further.

19. Please take note that Administrators and Moderators can not always access post reported by members. Please contact the Administrators and Moderators directly if you want to report a post. 


Group Banner

Any person can rent the Top Banner of any one Group for R100 for 7 days.